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A long term approach to our investments

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Meridian is a privately-owned investor in the UK

We are flexible in the way we treat any transaction, and have demonstrated our ability to move extremely quickly to completion.

Long term approach to our investments

Unlike traditional private equity houses, the partners at Meridian Equity fund all of our own deals. Accordingly we have no external pressure placed upon us to exit an investment within a specific period of time. This freedom enables us to focus exclusively on acquiring businesses which have fundamentally good long-term growth prospects.

In addition, we only make decisions which are in the best interests of the company and are never influenced by any external factors.

Owner-managers ourselves

Our team has been together since inception in September 2003. As owner-managers ourselves, we have first-hand experience of all of the issues that arise whilst acquiring, managing and disposing of privately-owned businesses.

Accordingly we are uniquely sensitive to these issues and adept at navigating around them.


By deploying our own personal funds, we are able to complete deals rapidly and in situations that call for investment partners with more than just deep pockets.

We look to leverage our contacts, be they operating partners or industry experts that can bring significant commercial value to our investments.


The individuals that you deal with at Meridian Equity are the decision makers. We have no investment committee from whom we would need approval to make an investment. We are free to make our own decisions and act on those decisions without being confined by institutionalised thinking or delay. Once we have made the decision to invest, we deliver.

Meridian Structured Finance is a specialist Asset Based Lender providing businesses with unique, bespoke solutions to help them, wherever they are in their life cycle. 

High Net Worth Investors behind Meridian Equity, working with respected ABL professionals, ensure we can operate both as a lender, but also as an equity provider if the business needs funding over and above stretched ABL parameters.

We want to work with Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to deliver debt and equity packages of up to £5m. We look to assist in all types of funding scenarios, from refinancing to equity raising.

Where the situation requires us to take equity positions, we will always be a patient investor with no exit time horizons. We can bring in professional and operational support as appropriate and work with management to ensure the best outcome for all stakeholders.

We deliver a unique, hybrid approach to Asset Based Lending

Where we can help

  • We can fund against all asset classes
  • We are sector agnostic
  • We can blend ABL and equity participation to ensure the package works for all stakeholders

Typical Situations

  • General refinance where current lender appetite is full
  • Transactions such as MBO, MBI, BIMBO
  • Turnaround / restructuring situations
  • Event driven scenarios, e.g. retirement sales

Meridian Equity is a privately-owned investor in UK businesses, investing between £500K and £5m.

We view ourselves as management’s partner. We have developed a track record of backing, supporting, and financially rewarding management who deliver realistic and agreed targets. This philosophy has become the backbone of our investment approach, and has resulted in superior returns for us and our management teams. Above all, our management partners see us as a straightforward source of advice and support. We are their ally.

In addition, a fast transaction may be necessary for reasons completely unrelated to the business at all. Maybe an owner manager just wishes to quickly sell and retire from the business or indeed management have been given a small time frame by which to complete an Management Buy Out.

We seek to support existing management wherever possible, whether they are first line or second line management able to take that step up to running the business.


Below is a selection of some of the businesses that are/or have been in our portfolio.

Industrial Water Jetting Systems

Meridian Equity was first introduced to Chris Stewart in 2010. He was then a consultant to IWJS...

Shaws Since 1897

Meridian Equity financed an MBO of Shaws in April 2009 from the Administrator...

Picsolve International

The business was acquired from its founding owner managers in May 2006...

Axis Elevators

Axis Elevators is a London-headquartered lift installation and maintenance business...

Tersus Consultancy

Tersus is a highly niche property maintenance business specialising exclusively in asbestos management...

Valldata – Rapidata

In April 2016, Meridian acquired Valldata Services Limited and immediately thereafter...

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An investment in any business is a serious commitment and the right partnership is fundamental to its success. If you have a proposition which fits some or all of our investment criteria and would like an informal confidential discussion, please contact us.

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