Our Approach

Long term approach to investments

Unlike private equity houses, the partners at Meridian Equity fund all of our own deals. Accordingly we have no external pressure placed upon us to exit an investment within a specific period of time. This freedom enables us to focus exclusively on acquiring businesses which have fundamentally good long-term growth prospects. In addition, we only make decisions which are in the best interests of the company and are never influenced by any external factors.


By deploying our own personal funds, we are able to complete deals rapidly and in situations that call for investment partners with more than just deep pockets. We look to leverage our contacts, be they operating partners, industry or financial contacts that can bring significant commercial value to our investments.

Owner-managers ourselves

Our team has been together since our inception in September 2003. As owner managers ourselves of Meridian Equity we have first-hand experience of all of the issues that arise whilst acquiring, managing and disposing of privately-owned businesses. Accordingly we are uniquely sensitive to these issues and adept at navigating around them.


The individuals that you deal with at Meridian Equity are the decision makers. We have no investment committee from whom we would need approval to make an investment. We are free to make our own decisions and act on those decisions without being confined by institutionalised thinking or delay. Once we have made the decision to invest, we deliver.